Protection of Natural Landscapes

Some of the most biodiverse areas on the planet include natural sites, spring waters, wetlands, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, estuaries, oceans, reefs, bays, trees and forests, caves, mountains, deserts and open plains.

The importance of these places is imbued with bio-cultural, astronomical and energetic dimensions, all of which are interconnected.
It is mostly the traditional peoples who maintain and protect these natural sites. For them, these natural sites support their way of life and spirituality by keeping their heritage, cultural identity, livelihoods and traditional ecological knowledge alive.

In order to protect endangered natural landscapes, it is important to pursue an ecocentric approach – instead of an egocentric – which gives the rights of nature priority over our human claims and expectations.

The TAO Foundation supports organizations for the protection of natural landscapes.


“We live in a dangerous age.
Man dominates nature before he has
learned to control himself. ”
Albert Schweitzer