Where humans and animals become best friends!

The project initiated by the TAO Foundation, in cooperation with Notpfote Animal Rescue e.V. and Sozialfelle e.V., provides animal companions to senior citizens in need. With this project, we want to improve the lives of dogs and pets and at the same time promote social connections.

Older people often experience loneliness and isolation, while at the same time many four-legged friends are looking for a loving home. After careful preparation, Notpfote Animal Rescue e.V. selects animals from animal welfare organisations that are suitable for the needs and living situation of senior citizens.

We, the TAO Foundation, will cover the costs of keeping the animals and ensure that the senior citizens can take in their pets without any financial burden. Thanks to Sozialfelle e.V. and its network of vets, the medical costs can also be covered.

BestBuddies - Where humans and animals become best friends!

With BESTBUDDIES we want to bring love and joy into the lives of senior citizens and animals, and bring about lasting positive change in our society!

How can pets help us in old age?

  • Pets are loyal companions that provide love and companionship
  • We stay active in old age by going for walks together
  • Animals promote social interaction and help us to socialise with others
  • Our furry friends create a routine in everyday life
  • Being close to our animal companions can reduce stress and lower blood pressure through happiness hormones

Notpfote Animal Rescue e.V.
Sozialfelle e.V.

Pets as loyal companions in old age