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Straßenkinder e.V. was founded over 20 years ago through a voluntary initiative. The association is recognized by the Berlin tax office as a non-profit organization for the “promotion of youth welfare” and is also a state-approved provider of voluntary youth welfare according to §75 SGB VIII. Straßenkinder e.V. is a member of the “Diakonisches Werk Berlin-Brandenburg-schlesische Oberlausitz” and finances its work almost 100% from donations. For many years, the association has been one of the renowned organizations dealing with issues such as street children, child poverty, education and equal opportunities and cares for up to 200 children and young people every day in its three working areas.

The TAO Foundation supports the association Strassenkinder for their loving commitment to these children and has also made possible a visiting day for them at the Animal shelter in Berlin.

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The 3 working areas

According to a recent study by the German Youth Institute, more than 6,500 children and young people aged 14-18 live on the streets, several hundred of them in Berlin. The number of unreported cases is probably much higher. Ongoing quarrels, violence and psychological or sexual abuse are just some of the reasons why children and young people end up on the streets. Straßenkinder e.V. helps young people to leave the street children scene and reintegrate into society. With its mobile streetwork team, the association is out and about on the streets of Berlin, providing practical assistance such as food distribution or the services offered at the drop-in centers in Berlin-Friedrichshain. In addition to practical support such as a clothing store or laundry facilities, Straßenkinder e.V. also helps homeless children and young people by offering advice and arranging further assistance.

Children’s and Youth House BOLLE
In Germany, 2.5 million children live in poverty. In Berlin, every third child is affected. About 40% of the families in the environment of the Kinder- und Jugendhaus BOLLE, consist of single parents with an increased risk of poverty. Many of the children already have great difficulties with the learning material in the first grade. In order to give children and young people better opportunities for a self-determined life, the association opened the BOLLE children’s and youth center in April 2010. With many leisure and educational activities, Straßenkinder e.V. actively combats child and educational poverty, promotes participation and creates prospects for the future.

Since 2015, the integration area has been an integral part of the services offered at the BOLLE children’s and youth center. Here, Straßenkinder e.V. is committed to children and young people with a refugee or migration background and their families and supports them in arriving in society through various activities.

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“More than 6,500 children and young people aged 14-18 live on the streets, according to a recent study by the German Youth Institute, several hundred of them in Berlin.”
Strassenkinder e.V.