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Old, poor, alone – a heart for pensioners e.V. helps seniors in need.
Pensioners collapse on the street because they cannot afford the co-payments for essential medicines. They injure themselves around the house because they cannot see well and new glasses are unaffordable for them. You can no longer wash or cook because the washing machine or stove is broken. They freeze in their apartment to save on heating bills, or they are starving for a new mattress. Out of shame that they have no money, many withdraw from public life and become lonely.
The TAO Foundation supports the association “Ein Herz für Pensionner e.V.” with monthly donations.

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TAO Stiftung unterstützt Ein Herz für Rentner e.V.

Pension emergency and old-age poverty

According to the federal government (2019), around 9.3 million senior citizens nationwide receive a pension of less than 900 euros. 70% of those affected are women

And according to the BPB Federal Agency for Civic Education (2020), old-age poverty was a widespread problem in Germany well into the middle of the last century. With the dynamized gross wage-related pension since 1957, the income situation of the elderly has improved relatively sustainably. Income poverty in old age has decreased. But it has been increasing significantly for years.

These two factors are among the main drivers of the current pension crisis.

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TAO Stiftung unterstützt Ein Herz für Rentner e.V.
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“The art of today’s retirees is
to deal with twice the time and halved income.”

Willy Meurer (1934 – 2018), German-Canadian businessman,
Aphorist and publicist, M.H.R. (Member of the Human Race)