Promotion of the HAUPT organization for the accompaniment of cancer patients

Carl Jakob Haupt, who became known as an artist, author, blogger and organizer, died of stomach cancer on April 19, 2019, at just 34 years old. In the last weeks of his life, he and his wife Giannina discussed the idea of an organization to help young sufferers who, like him and his wife, have been torn from their previous lives by a cancer diagnosis. The organization is supported on a volunteer basis by Main’s wife and closest friends. It is hoped that the Carl Jakob Haupt organization will bring more attention to the issue of cancer, especially among young people, and thus help more people through education and support.

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The founder Carl Jakob Haupt, who died much too early

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The 2 areas of support

The chemo mentors

Organization of volunteer helpers who support patients in their daily lives during, during and after chemotherapy.
The responsibilities of the chemo mentors include:
– Accompanying patients to chemotherapy
– Running errands
– Keeping the patient company
– Accompanying patients on walks
– Helping with applications and forms
– Phone patients
– Help with household chores
– Bringing and picking up children to and from school
– Take care of the patient’s pet

Wish fulfillment

Patients and their families who are not in a good financial position are given small periods of time off to recover after or between chemotherapy. If possible, wishes are also fulfilled for those affected so that they can experience more joy again. In addition, costs are financed that are not covered by health insurance.

Below are 3 examples of wishes fulfilled:

Time out with a houseboat in South Holland

In March 2020, at the age of 32, I received a diagnosis of breast cancer. It was an aggressive and fast growing type of tumor, so within 3 weeks I had to deal with all the exams and 3 necessary surgeries to prepare for chemo therapy. The diagnosis threw my partner and me out of life. Our complete life has changed since the diagnosis. Our common dreams for the future were extinguished. In the period from April 2020 to September 2020, I received a total of 14 chemos, in October 2020, the necessary breast surgery with removal of additional lymph nodes. After that, I received a total of 36 radiation treatments in a period of 7 weeks, and in parallel, oral chemotherapy was administered until March 2021. Shortly after my breast surgery in October 2020, a very good friend informed me that the CJH organization would allow my partner and me a little time off or wish. We were overwhelmed by this news; long-awaited “tears of joy” flowed, because during this very strenuous therapy, the desire to “recharge our batteries and take time off together” was very strong. During the therapy we had again and again the common dream to sail for us alone on a water and to be once in the life “leisure captain”. Thanks to the CJH organization this wish could be fulfilled from 26.07. to 02.08.2021 on a houseboat in South Holland. With this trip we were able to relax together in peace, enjoy the picturesque landscape along the waterways. Above all, we were able to escape from everyday life, enjoy the adventure on the waters and have used this trip to start my or our new life after the exhausting cancer therapy. We finally have the strength again to realize our common dreams for the future! We thank you very much for this unforgettable time out. Annika & Uwe

A little time out in Zandfort

Hello, my name is Michelangelo and I was diagnosed with bone cancer a year ago. After 14 chemos and one radiation, the CJH organization gave me a little time off. Together with my girlfriend, I was able to spend a weekend by the sea in Holland. This allowed me to recharge my batteries and forget about cancer for a moment. I hope that the organization receives enough donations so that it can continue to fulfill the wishes of other chemo patients in the future.

Puppy Rudi moved in

In January of this year, I was unexpectedly diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 29. My life changed so suddenly that I was hardly given the time to comprehend. Everything had to happen so quickly, a direct hospitalization, surgical removal, hoping the tumor was benign, and then the final diagnosis of glioblastoma. Suddenly I was a cancer patient, going to radiation every day, being set up for chemotherapy and practicing many everyday things that have been difficult for me since the surgery. My whole life has changed and one thing I want from the bottom of my heart is an assistance dog that can accompany me in everything that comes my way, that can learn tasks with me that he can do for me and just be himself when everything else is already so different. A great and big task, which for once is not called cancer. With the support of the CJH organization a Golden Retriever puppy could move in with me. He will later be able to support me when I get dizzy, hand me things when I have limited mobility and be by my side when an epileptic seizure comes. He may then accompany me everywhere and is the greatest enrichment that could have happened to me.

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“While the people around me were getting children,
I was getting cancer.”
Carl Jakob Haupt