Protection of White Lions

The Global White Lion Trust was founded by Linda Tucker. Its purpose is for the white lions to protect sacred animals of many indigenous peoples as a living heritage.

The GWLT succeeded in securing large parts of the wilderness as a protected area for resettlement. Today 13 white lions live there in intact nature with minimal human intervention.

In order to secure the future of the young lions born in the wilderness, additional protected habitat is required. The WLT is currently trying to secure a specific area as a sacred site.

The TAO Foundation supports the GWLPT for legal measures and the protection of the habitat of the white lions.

Global White Lion Protection Trust website

TAO Stiftung fördert den Schutz der weißen Löwen
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“The lions are my family
and I’ll do everything I can to protect them. “

Linda Tucker

TAO Stiftung und Linda Tucker

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TAO Stiftung und Assagaia-weisser-loewe
TAO Stiftung setzt sich für die weiße Löwen ein
Stiftung TAO unterstützt die weißen Löwen
Stiftung TAO fördert das Tierwohl

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