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The young animal activist Julie Siemering has made it her mission to create a species-appropriate environment for cows and to arrange animal adoptions. She owns 10 cows and takes care of most of them herself.

Julie’s philosophy: “My cattle are individuals, independent personalities who can live a natural life with my support. I bought them all from bad conditions or saved them from slaughter. They all have one thing in common: they were kept as farm animals and found their way to me and are now living animals, pets, my friends, my family. I meet them at eye level. My cattle live in family groups that stay together, friendships remain because I don’t tear them apart. My cattle make decisions about their own lives as best they can. Being at eye level also means being part of their herd, learning from them. We make mistakes together and learn from them. On my website I would like to introduce my animals, to give each of them a platform, because they are so special, so unique! And together with me and our story they carry the message into the world: Respect and dignity to all living beings!

Website Julie Siemering

The TAO Foundation supports Ms. Siemering by funding the animal boarding facility as well as the upkeep of 3 cows.

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Fiene, Billy and Maíra Nora live in a cattle boarding stable in Sauerland, where they are cared for by an experienced farmer. They have year-round access to pasture and an open stable. Julie was very grateful for this opportunity that came her way at that time, because her animals are doing very well in this place. They are welcome there with all their idiosyncrasies, as it is important to Julie. That is worth a lot. Together with the farmer, she came up with a husbandry concept and they implemented and built the whole thing together. Meanwhile her 3 cattle live together with 6 other pension cattle.


The TAO family welcomes 3 animals…

This is Fiene

She was born in December 2014 in my grandpa’s herd, where she also grew up and lived until she was to be sold to the cattle dealer in 2017 after my grandpa passed away. She is hard to tame and almost won’t let anyone get close to her. That’s understandable, because they didn’t always treat her well. Fiene would not have survived long in the industry, because she cannot be subdued and can get angry if you get too close to her without asking. So I was looking for a suitable home for her at the time, so she was sold to a woman at the end of 2017. That was my first animal rescue. Today, Fiene is in my possession. In the summer of 2020, I had to rescue her again because the woman wanted to slaughter her. It was not easy, but now she stays safe with me for the rest of her life.
To be able to understand Fiene, I will need a long time. But I have understood that it is important to just let her be and not to force anything on her. She is and remains a wild heart and likes to live that out. Fiene is incredibly important to me. When I almost lost her, I only realized how much she means to me. I am really grateful to know her. Where will the road with her still lead?

This is Billy 

He was born in April 2015 somewhere in Lower Saxony and spent there the first year of his life in stable. My grandpa bought him in 2016 to cover his two cows – Fiene and Klara. I spent a lot of time with Billy, groomed him and even sat on him at the end. He was with us for two months, then he was sold on. He left behind beautiful memories and an even more beautiful calf. My Lina. Even though I do not support breeding, I am infinitely grateful for it. He was then to serve as a stud bull for a long time on the new farm. However, he injured himself badly in 2018 so that he could no longer mate, so he was to be slaughtered. Fortunately, he was offered for sale to me, as his owners knew how important he was to me. So I was able to rescue Billy in the fall of 2019 with the help of a great many people. Since then he is mine and I will never give him away. He had to be neutered because he cannot be kept as a bull in his new home. This is very risky at his age, but he survived. Billy means a lot to me. There was a connection between us even then that I can’t describe. He is a very kind soul. He means no harm to anyone, is a bit too heavy, too big and too strong for his gentleness, and sometimes can’t appreciate his strength, so he seems a bit rowdy. But his loving loyalty outweighs!

This is Maíra Nora

The silver cow with the crooked nose. She is named Nora because that means “the shiny one from the north”, which fits really well. Her coat shimmers like silver. She comes from Billy’s herd. I bought her and her friend Edda on the same day as Billy. They lived together at a breeder in Lower Saxony, where Maíra was born in 2016. The whole herd was slaughtered in 2019. Only Billy, Maíra and Edda I could save. Edda died of old age in May 2020.
Maíra caught my eye long before because she has such an extraordinary look and a very special charisma. She has fascinated me since the day I first saw her. I was sold her with the advice that I should be very careful because she was so wild that if she escaped, she would have to be shot down. I have known her to be very shy and timid. Maíra needs her space and a lot of time. She watches a lot and at the slightest movement of the human she takes cover. Sometimes she seems like a shy deer because of the way she moves. But if someone should harm her family or herself, she is ready to attack. It will take some time for me to get to know her and understand her. I am glad that I decided to take her on at the last moment and I am very excited to spend time with her.

“I’m Julie Siemering and I was born in January 2001. I’m a free spirit, started doing my thing early and looking at the world with different eyes. One of my missions is to help animals. Since 2015, I refuse to look at animals as my food. In 2017, I rescued a cow from my grandpa’s farm for the first time and decided that no animal should suffer or die for me anymore, so I became vegan. Since then, I have ransomed over 30 cattle. It all started with the birth of my ox, Noni, who I raised with a bottle when I was 14 years old. He created awareness in me and took away my fear of animals.
I want to reach out to people and call them to protect this earth and the animals on it. I want to teach people about treating animals with respect, because they are all here on this earth, just like us, on their own, to have their experiences and not to serve us humans.”