Ultimately, everything is a question of consciousness, i.e. how conscious we are of the connections in our various areas of life and topics. Because from this consciousness we make our decisions, act accordingly and set new causes and effects
With every new day we are the sum of all our experiences that determine and expand our consciousness. The question is, where do we direct our thoughts and energies and how do we deal with challenges and difficulties? If a person knows his history and experiences, reflects himself and his actions and has an overall view of today’s time in which he moves, then he recognizes his possibilities and his personal path. In this way he becomes self-aware, more courageous and responsible, and he will perceive, recognize and act differently from this state of mind than before. The goal is a conscious, loving and fulfilling life …


Recognize Yourself and walk
the path of your own Experiences

These 7 steps give you background information and instructions and you can download the PDF here for free by clicking on the picture.

Rico Paganini, the founder of EVOL, is a researcher, journalist, author, speaker and a world-renowned expert in the study of ancient civilizations and pathways of consciousness. As a journalist, he is a member of the International Federation of Journalists and Reporters Without Borders and he is a member of the TAO Foundation.



The TAO Foundation supports its publications for the development of individual and collective consciousness.

Rico Paganini - Mitglied TAO Stiftung

Meditations on
Consciousness and manifestation

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Come into universal consciousness

You can manifest anything

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“Consciousness is the only thing I can say I to.
Consciousness is not part of the human being,
it IS the human being. It is what I really am. “

Uwe Borchers